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Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Jul 06, 2020

How to Get a Perfect Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening?

Stained and discolored teeth ruining your smile and relationships? There is good news for you. You can get rid of your stained teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile with the help of professional teeth whitening.
What is Professional Teeth Whitening?
Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which involves the removal of stains from teeth by applying a potent bleaching agent. The bleaching agent, usually carbamide peroxide is quite unstable in the open air and quickly disintegrates to form hydrogen peroxide. The released hydrogen peroxide gas penetrates beneath the enamel layer of the tooth and dissolves stains and discoloration from the surface of teeth.
Who can Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening?
you should consider teeth whitening if you have the following cosmetic dental problems:
• Coffee stains
• Tea stains
• Tobacco stains
• Red wine stains
• Teeth stains caused due heavily colored foods
It must be mentioned here that stains that develop on teeth during the developmental stages of enamel and dentine cannot be removed through professional teeth whitening. Instead, they need to be cosmetically managed with the help of veneers and crowns.
How is Professional Teeth Whitening Performed?
Professional teeth whitening involves the following steps:
• Gum Protection – your dentist will first protect your gums by applying a protective coating such as cocoa butter, Vaseline or vitamin E. This is done to prevent accidental bleaching of the gums.
The more popular in office bleaching products such as ZOOM whitening, will place a barrier around your gums that hardens and protects really well. They will also place gauze and/ or cotton roll. The more the protection, the better they will ensure your comfort.
• Application of Bleaching Agent – your dentist will pour the bleaching agent inside specially designed custom trays which are then placed inside the oral cavity for about 30 minutes. The polymerization of the bleaching agent is activated with the help of a visible light source. When the trays are removed, whitening effect on the teeth is observed. If required, multiple sittings for teeth whitening may also be scheduled.
Again, with products such as ZOOM, they will apply the bleach directly on your teeth and then place the light to activate it.
Many clinics will make customized take home trays that you can use to retouch if needed after a few months.
How white will my teeth get? So, here is the thing. Everyone is born with a shade of white. Not everyone is the same. Therefore, when you whiten your teeth, you will only go back to your original color, or the maximum color that YOU can whiten to. Always keep in mind that your results will be different than everyone else’s. The good news is that you will leave with whiter teeth than what you went in with
How long will it last me?
This will depend on your diet. How much do you drink coffee, wine, smoke etc. The more you minimize these stain causing foods and habits, the longer your results will show.
Any tips to maintain them white while I drink my cup of coffee?
It may seem extreme and weird, but many people drink their coffee with a straw to minimize staining!
Teeth whitening should, in no way, be considered as a substitute for regular oral hygiene maintenance. When you don’t brush your teeth, plaque and calculus forms over it, which promotes staining of the teeth.
Therefore, if you simply brush and floss regularly and take care of your diet, you’re considerably minimizing your chances of teeth staining.
But why can’t I just use an over the counter product? It’s cheaper.
Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, especially when you are dealing with chemicals that are going into your mouth. It will be incorrect to say that you can’t use an over the counter product for teeth whitening, but here are some reasons why we recommend against it:
1- The results will not be the same- In office bleaching will always be stronger and more effective
2- You may have areas of root exposure or recession, where you may put some of the bleach and cause massive sensitivity
3- Remember that crowns and veneers do not bleach, so you want to make sure that you don’t place bleach on them and that your end results will match your crowns and/ or veneers.
4- If not careful, you can burn your gums and other soft tissue areas, like your bottom lip.

If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding, photo shoot, or you simply want to look brilliant, find a dental clinic that will do the procedure for you. Many will do a consultation and explain the process and expectations.

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