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Article provided by: Louisville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Louisville

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Louisville

Wisdom teeth don't usually cause problems. Only when there isn't room enough for them to grow through will they become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth squeeze against nearby teeth, which leads to pain and inflammation. If a wisdom tooth is causing problems for you, it might advisable to have them extracted. When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction in Louisville, Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants is a one-stop, comprehensive wisdom tooth extraction clinic.

Choosing an Anesthesia for Your Operation

An impacted wisdom tooth does not grow the same way your other teeth grow. It grows sideways or at an angle, not straight up and down. That is why the wisdom tooth makes contact with the surrounding tooth, causing pain. You will need to have an X-ray before you have a wisdom tooth extraction. An X-ray allows us to see the wisdom tooth's position. The type of anesthesia used during your procedure will depend on the position of the wisdom tooth being extracted.

When it's time for wisdom tooth extraction, a general might be needed for more severely impacted wisdom teeth. A general anesthetic will put you to sleep, and you will feel no pain during the extraction. Alternatively, your dentist may opt for a local anesthesia. This will block feeling during your wisdom tooth extraction, although you will still be awake during the procedure.

How the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Occurs

Depending on how your wisdom tooth is positioned, your dentist might decide to just cut the gum above the tooth and remove all the bone that covers it, or the dentist can cut your wisdom tooth into several smaller pieces to make the wisdom tooth easier to extract. A gauze pad will be placed against the gums after the tooth is removed, and your dentist may also use dissolvable stitches to reduce bleeding.

Arrive Early on the Day of Your Operation

We typically recommend that our patients arrive about 25-35 minutes before their scheduled wisdom tooth extraction. There are a lot of things that have to get done before the procedure starts, so we like to get you in early and get the ball rolling. Also, depending on which part of Louisville you'll be traveling from and the time of your scheduled procedure, you might run into early morning rush-hour. Please plan accordingly.

After Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Once the procedure is over, we'll put some ice on your face and place some gauze over the extraction site. You will be given your discharge papers and prescriptions for medication with instructions on how to take them. We will put you in a wheelchair, roll you out to the car, and you can go home and enjoy some soft foods and take your medication. However, you may not eat after midnight on the night before the day of your operation and no liquids within the two hours leading up to your wisdom tooth extraction.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

As you see, the procedure is pretty simple and straight-forward. That's the way we do things at Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. Call us for wisdom tooth extraction in Louisville KY. There's no reason to continue living in pain!


Wisdom Tooth Extraction Louisville
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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Louisville
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