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Inpatient Drug Treatment Center Overland Park

Inpatient Drug Treatment Center Overland Park


The objective of drug rehabilitation and inpatient alcohol rehab programs is to help addicts to stop drug use and learn the skills they need to lead a productive life. As much as this sounds easy, it can often be very challenging. The hardest part for many is acknowledging the need for treatment. Once in the program, the most difficult challenge is staying in treatment to break the drug use cycle and maintain sobriety. People who receive professional treatment are at an advantage compared to people who quit using drugs on, as they are in a drug rehab program. Drug and alcohol treatment centers typically provide a drug-free environment that breaks the addictive cycle. Professional addiction treatment centers may begin with detoxification, which helps the addict rid their body of the chemicals that cause dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Not all patients need to go through detox, but detox alone is not enough treatment to effectively break the addictive cycle long-term.

Once you are free from drugs, you can think more clearly and educate yourself about your addiction. Learning about one's addiction means gaining insight into which people, events, sensory experiences, and habits trigger cravings for drugs. Most rehab centers in Kansas help you explore those triggers to make deliberate efforts to avoid or manage them when transitioning back into old habits.

Most sobriety and recovery centers in Kansas have counselors trained to help dig into the underlying issues. They teach y how to make sense of them and offer assistance to build new coping skills that do not count on substance use. People become addicted to drugs for many reasons. Therefore, it is essential to discern what draws you towards your substance of choice.

A crucial representation of self-care for a person in recovery is setting and accomplishing goals.

Many people do not know how to set goals that are likely to be achieved. They start with genuine intentions to get cast aside because they did not approach goal setting with a conventional frame of mind. The monotonous cycle of wanting to change habits but repeatedly falling short slowly hinders a person's resolution to the point where many may stop making an effor


The other hardship of coming off drugs alone lies in the stability of the environment. If one is are still surrounded by friends who use or drink regularly, there is a higher chance of relapse. Frequently, continuous relapse triggers can drive one back to drug use. Sinking into an emotional or unsteady mental state can also make it hard to sustain control.

Frequently, withdrawal becomes life-threatening when a user goes 'cold-turkey' after prolonged substance abuse. Quitting these drugs suddenly without medical supervision can cause seizures, convulsions, and the eventual shutdown of the central nervous system. Stopping pain medications without proper treatment can quickly lead to withdrawal complications like dehydration. The dangers can be extreme. Without addiction treatment, a person going cold turkey is more likely to relapse.

Therefore, the best and safest way to quit drugs is under medical supervision in concurrence with a long-term addiction treatment plan. One's body becomes stressed after prolonged drug use. It needs proper nourishment, rehydration, and restoration to reach full recovery. For this reason, rehab programs are incredibly beneficial to the entire recovery process and a stable drug-free mental health state.

Gold Bridge Treatment Center can help you overcome your addiction. Please contact us at 913-837-4653 to book an appointment.


Inpatient Drug Treatment Center Overland Park
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Inpatient Drug Treatment Center Overland Park
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